Property Investors in Washington DC: Join Our Partner’s List for Off Market DC Houses

property investors in Washington DC

Have you been struggling to find the right Washington DC real estate listings and investments?

Maybe you have spent hours putting up signs only to get calls from the city ordinance department telling you to take them down.  Or maybe you’ve gotten a few calls from tire kickers and other property investors in Washington DC, but still no deals.

Have you started a direct mail campaign spending hundreds if not thousands of dollars and are still looking for the best Washington DC real estate listings and deals? I’ve been there and done that, believe me!  We can offer you a better solution for finding profitable deals.

Solution: Lead the Pack of Property Investors in Washington DC with our Partner’s List!

I know what it’s like getting started and struggling through all the naysayers as you send out your mail campaigns or put up signs only to get minimal results and hardly any leads. There are many investors that buy houses in Washington DC, Maryland & Virginia, but not all of them see the success that they’d like.  It can be frustrating even when you get a great lead only to lose the deal in the negotiation stage.

We have come up with a better way.  All you have to do is join our network and receive the great deals on Washington DC real estate listings that we find.  These properties are nearly always at 50-70% of market value and have been thoroughly evaluated with comps and repair estimates.  Your only job is to verify the numbers.

Yes, we really do all the heavy legwork upfront, so you don’t have to worry about spending thousands on marketing or negotiating with different sellers before getting a deal.  We’ll even present you with how much money you can make on each deal.

We provide

  • Pictures
  • Maps
  • Comparable properties
  • Repair estimates
  • Cash on cash return estimates
  • Hard money estimates (how much you’ll make if you borrow money)
  • Hard money referrals
  • Expert opinion

Ready to make money and become one of the most successful property investors in Washington DC? Real estate listings with all of the hassle and logistics handled for you — you get to sit back and make real money.

We find the best deals on houses for sale in Washington DC, and exclusively distribute them for our investors that buy houses and want to succeed with buying a home for sale by owner. You’ll save money, and we do all of the hard work for you.

So what are you waiting for? Sign up today for our partner’s list and join the ranks of the leading property investors in Washington DC!

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