How We Are Different Than Hiring A Realtor


If you’re considering selling your home using a Real Estate Agent, be aware that what your agent writes on a sales contract to sell your home and any other legal documents can create a real liability for the seller.

What does that mean for you the seller? It means that you could potentially be held liable for what your agent writes in the sales contract, even if it was an error.  When it’s time to sell your house, Action Homebuyers is the company to call.  We buy houses fast, “As-Is,” and without charging a realtor commission.


When selling your home the traditional way through a Real Estate Agent, the Seller usually pays a commission to the Realtor of typically about 6% of the sales price. This fee is paid only when the house sells. More often than not, a property that needs extensive repairs or even one that is in good shape still can take a while to actually sell.  If the property is in good condition and can be financed, a home loan typically takes about a month to process, and that’s if you already have a buyer lined up.

Add to that all the times you had to arrange your schedule for repeated property showings from a picky buyer(s) and you can see why selling to an investor could be a better.


Most people use real estate agents to sell their houses – but when you sell with an agent, you never know when your house will sell.  It could sell next month or it could be on the market for a year.

To begin with, you will have to spend a lot of time and money into your property cleaning and fixing it up so that it shows well.  This can mean replacing carpet, doing extensive painting, and other miscellaneous fixes around the house.  All of these updates and repairs can end up costing you thousands in the end, and there’s no guarantee your house will even sell.

After the house is up to the standard’s of you real estate agent you will sign a listing agreement with them for up to 6 months, sometimes longer.  This agreement often has writing that says you have to pay the agent even if you sell the house yourself.

If you have a good agent and they start bringing buyers through your home, the loan process for a traditional buyer still takes weeks and weeks to get approved if it does at all.  The entire process of listing with a real estate agent and finally closing can take forever.


At Action Homebuyers, we understand that selling your home can be stressful, so we make it as easy as possible! We’ll give you:

  • A Guaranteed Cash Offer at the time of our property inspection (usually within 24 hours after you contact us).
  • No fees from the sale of your home!
  • More private time for you & your family.
  • Peace of mind. Your home is sold “AS-IS”, meaning no legal liabilities for you!
  • A 100% No-Risk Guarantee: If we contract the purchase of your property, we will close!

Spend a minute filling out our contact form to the right of the page, or call us NOW at 202-400-2280. You will not be disappointed.  You can also call our 24 hour free recorded message line at 1-888-414-7550 to learn more about how we work. 

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